International opera course 2021 

The application deadline for the International Opera Course is 15.05.2021.

The international opera course - founded in 1991 by Prof. Kammersängerin Jutta Schlegel – is part of the opera festival Oper Oder-Spree. Our mission is to give young artists from Germany and other European countries the opportunity to gain practical experience working on stage that complements their training programme. This opera course is now well-known outside of Germany and every year participants from many European countries as well as USA, Asia and Australia all meet here, sometimes as representatives of their home music colleges.


Lessons / Training

The international opera course has gained recognition because it not only offers one to one and group sessions but practical performance experience in a professional context to a large audience. We also offer stage craft and interpretation lessons alongside courses in breathing technique and movement as well as individual advice sessions for auditions and application processes.


Our team is made up of an impressive array of professionals working in the field of opera and concert singing. Our two renowned vocal coaches Snežana Nena Brzaković (MA, opera and concert singer), and Bernhard Hansky (lied interpretation) along with the experienced pianists Insa Bernds, Alexej Ilenko and Evgeny A. Nikiforov take care of the musical rehearsals and singing lessons supporting and challenging our participants to fulfill their potential. The trained opera director Prof. Mathias Behrends lends his wide experience in the preparation of the production 'Oper in der Scheune'. The course participants will get a careful and exclusive artistical career advising. The organisation of the festive opera gala with the Preussisches Kammerorchester is lead and conducted by Vinzenz Weissenburger (Staatsoper Berlin).


Projects & concerts

All opera course members take part in the preparation of the opera collage 'Oper in der Scheune'. The team will decide which participants will sing in the opera gala to which concert and opera agencies will be invited.

  • Oper in der Scheune 30.07. - 01.08.2021 (Ragower Mühle)
  • Festliche Operngala 06.08. - 08.08.2021 (Burg Beeskow and Kloster Neuzelle)


Dates & organisation

  • Arrival is on 21th July 2021 and departure on 09th August 2021. Travel expenses will not be reimbursed.
  • All singers will be provided with shared accomodation in Bootshaus Beeskow (Uferstr. 18d, 15848 Beeskow near Burg Beeskow). Self-catering but breakfast is included.
  • The most promising artists will be honoured with the Grand Prix des Landkreises Oder-Spree, the Interpretationspreis der Sparkasse Oder-Spree and the town of Beeskow audience prize. The coaching staff and the promoters will decide on the prize winners.


Audition requirements

  1. Participation is open to singers who have completed their programme of study or are at an advanced stage in their study programme at German, European or Overseas music colleges.
  2. Please send the following documents to apply via email to or by post to Burg Beeskow, Frankfurter Str. 23, D-15848, Beeskow, Germany:
    1. CV with a photo (include training and work experience)
    2. completed application form
    3. a current recording
  3. The application deadline is 15th May 2021. The coaching staff and promoters will select 20 participants.
  4. The course fee: 780.00 EUR. Payment will only be necessary if your application is successful. Your participation will only be confirmed and valid after payment of the course fee has been made!
  5. The repertoire outlined in the application form should be well prepared for the audition. (3 songs from 18th to 20th century German repertoire, 3 ensembles and 3 arias in the original language from 18th to 20th century opera literature.