Prussian Chamber Orchestra

The Prussian Chamber Orchestra (PKO) was founded in 1993 as a young, innovative and versatile ensemble. The ensemble has its home in Prenzlau, in the heart of the Uckermark.

Just as the Uckermark sees itself as the antipole to the metropolis of Berlin, the orchestra sees itself as an agile and mobile counterpart to the large orchestras of the region.

The orchestra is a source of ideas and a cultural anchor point in the Uckermark and the state of Brandenburg. In addition to three entitlement series, new concert formats are regularly designed and tried out. For example, “Classical Music in Village Churches”, the “Bebersee Festival”, “Come together”, “Slam & Music” and the “Children’s and Generations Opera” set new cultural accents in the region.

Since the beginning, the conductor and choirmaster Jürgen Bischof has been the managing director of the orchestra’s sponsor, the Uckermärkische Kulturagentur.

Since the 2019/2020 season, Jürgen Bruns has been the Artistic Director as well as the Chief Conductor of the ensemble.