Opera Gala

The opera gala is the crowning finale of the International Opera Course. In a festive setting and accompanied by the Prussian Chamber Orchestra, the singers of the International Opera Course get to strut their stuff to a packed house! Popular arias from Mozart to Strauss, from Puccini to Verdi will turn the summer night into a glittering opera festival. The best artists will even be awarded the Grand Prix of the Oder-Spree district, the interpretation prize of the Sparkasse Oder-Spree and the audience prize of the town of Beeskow!

*The opera gala in Bad Saarow is planned as a picnic concert. Please  bring your own seat. For 15€ chair and rain cape can be purchased as a combination package and take away if you like. In Advance these must be paid by phone (033631-868222) or via mail (bookings@bad-saarow.de). In Advance by telephone it is possible to purchase a picnic basket.

Musical Direction: Vinzenz Weissenburger
Orchestra: Preußisches Kammerochester
Vocal coaches:  Snezana Nena Brzakovic, Bernhard Hansky
Repetiteurs: Aleksej Ilenko, Evgeny A. Nikiforov
Technical Support: Kleist Forum Frankfurt