Opera in the barn

An old hay barn near the Ragower Mill in the Schlaube Valley is transformed at the flick of switch into an opera house. Surrounded by luxurious natural beauty, cycle paths slicing through idyllic forests, this unique cultural venue is very much an insider’s tip.

In just ten days, hot off the press, the director and musical director throw together a unique piece made up from the repertoire brought along by the singers. Arias and ensembles from a wide variety of composers and musical epochs are combined under one title (wedding, funeral, nightclub, etc.). The result is a full-length opera collage.

Director: Prof. Lars Franke
Musical direction: Insa Bernds
Vocal coaches: Snezana Nena Brzakovic, Bernhard Hansky
Repetiteurs: Aleksej Ilenko, Evgeny A. Nikiforov
Assistance:  Johanna Schladebach
Technical Support: ZipSound